Welcome to my BLOG!

Blog is such a funny word, BLOG. It feels funny when you say it. But here I am, sharing my life, my life as an artist, with the world. Now to see who’s going to notice. I wondered about this for a long time. Everybody says “just do it”.

I’ve been curious about the artists who do these daily paintings. I’ve read about a few who are very successful at painting and selling them, and then of course a lot of others try to do the same thing. Many also are successful; some very, others only moderately so. I thought I’d give it a try. If anything it’s a good exercise, good practice. Help to loosen me up. I tend to paint very tightly.

So just some 1 to 2 hour small paintings of some things around the house, out the window, some photos. I’m a slow painter. This is a challenge I wouldn’t show them to anyone. Everyday. I’m getting better. And so it goes.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to my BLOG!

  1. Kudos to you. It’s not easy to be “out there.” I’ll be interested in following how you will be using your blog. I think finding your own voice and discovering what you feel you are willing to share and what is worth sharing will be a venture in and of itself. Good luck!!!

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  2. I’ve recently discovered the daily painting artists and am reading all about it. Glad to see its working for you – your painting are great and I love the brightness in them.

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