I Didn’t Know

So I had to have a little surgery, just a little repair in the shoulder, outpatient, Thursday afternoon, home by the evening. I figured I’d be back at my easel by Monday and back on the computer. Ha ha ha ha!

Nothing like life to kick you back on your butt!

Luckily it was my right shoulder and I’m left handed but then you find out just how many things you do with that other hand. But I am finally back at the easel and back on the computer (typing with one hand) and have managed to get a few paintings done. There is an orchid show coming up at Michigan State University at the end of the month where there will be lots of live beautiful plants. There is also a fine art and photography section, which I’ve always wanted to enter and this is the year. I thought I’d start with a small study of the blossoms before I tackle the whole thing. 6×6″ acrylic on hardboard panel. What do you think?

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