Cut Yourself Some Slack

acrylic painting Farmers Market
“Green Beans”
I should really paint less complicated subjects for these 6×6″ pieces. (painted with my right hand)

It’s good to set goals, to strive, to push yourself. Sometimes it’s good to go an extra 10 reps, to walk an extra block, or to complete a painting a day.

But sometimes life pushes back and you need to take a break. Having two surgeries in one year takes it’s toll on a body. The recovery of surgery on my left shoulder, my dominant hand, is going a little rougher than the right shoulder did.

I was feeling bad that things weren’t getting done. But this isn’t a time to beat myself up; this is the time to take care of myself. So if the floor doesn’t get swept, and a painting doesn’t get finished every day, I’m going to cut myself some slack—let it go.

I found I can do other things, like at 3 A.M. when I can’t sleep because of the pain I listen to interviews of artists on my iPhone, Podcasts at the Savvy Painter ( Or, since iPhone has voice recording, I can record my blog so I don’t have to type this all with one finger.

So as everyone might start gearing up for the upcoming holidays I may take a nap and as The Beatles would say, “Let it be”.

3 thoughts on “Cut Yourself Some Slack

  1. Absolutely! I have a chronic neuropathic pain problem. When it’s bad I have to let things go too adn find more creative wasy to use teh time I do have. It’s hard because I was brought up to get my work done before I rest but when the pain is bad I can’t. Good for you – taking the wiser path. I hope your shoulder heals soon. Lovely picture!


    1. Thank you jofox. I am going for longer periods of time without pain. I haven’t gotten my fine motor skills back yet tho and that is a surprise. I feel for you with your chronic neuropathic pain. That would be hard to live with. So cut yourself some slack as well. Do something good for yourself. Meditation helps me. I want to feel better so I reach for a better thought. The rest? Let it be.

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