Don’t Tell My Cats I Painted A Dog

I’ve painted five pictures of cats—not all mine—and two with people walking their dogs but they are pretty small. This is my first portrait of a dog.

My cat, Buster, was rescued from a parking lot when a stray cat had a litter there. When I thought he needed a friend (he told me later he didn’t). I went to the Capitol Area Humane Society to find LeeLuu. She is a sweetheart.

The CAHS is having their annual fundraiser, the Fur Ball Gala, “Casabarka”. I am donating this painting for their auction. My photographer friend, John Diephouse, provided me with a photograph of his dog Cooper, to use as a reference from which to paint. I hope it brings in a good bid.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Tell My Cats I Painted A Dog

  1. Love it! I really like Goldens, and although I don’t know that dog, I think you got the personality in the portrait. Good title, too.

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  2. Andrea,

    This is beautiful.

    I’m a dog lover — my husband is allergic to cats. We tried one for a short time and he was miserable – eyes swollen practically shut, etc.

    Our dog Stella is a lover, a security guard, a therapist, and a foodie all rolled into one big fur ball of about 80 pounds. She’s part German Shepherd and part black Lab. She was a rescue and had been adopted out twice and it didn’t work out. In one home she wasn’t in the kind of space that she needs. That kind of dog can’t just go potty on an apartment terrace and be happy – she has too much energy. The second family returned her because the single mom had to take on an additional job. Their loss was our gain – big time.


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