I Never Was Very Good with Numbers

Stone Archway
Stone Archway, 6×6″ acrylic

Ok, so in my last blog I indicated that art was 95% inspiration and 5% perspiration maybe making it sound like (some) artists wander the woods or spend hours meditating, then in an hour throw some paint around to create art.

Maybe it’s closer to the 80/20 rule. It’s just that the 80% permeates our whole life. Every trip to the farmers’ market is an adventure in color, shape, and design. I’m lucky if I remember to buy my produce.

And the 20% is hours filled with the agony and ecstasy of hard work that I love.

When I finish a work I’m lucky if 8 out of 10 are keepers. I was happy with this piece when I completed it; a week later I was ready to paint over it. I’ve had it in a few shows and online galleries and it hasn’t sold. I took it to the Saturday Artist’s breakfast for a critique and got some suggestions.

Should I keep working on it? Should I paint over it? Can I give it away?

What do you think?

Judging the 4H Youth Art Competition

I Had the Best Time Giving Back
Ingham County Fair is in full swing this week, and I was able to contribute to the festivities. They asked me to be a judge for the 4H youth art competition. I was honored and thrilled. It’s not just judging the artwork. I got to sit down for a minute or two and discuss the art with each artist, let them know what I thought was great, and how they might improve next time. Maybe hearing some ideas from an artist, someone who is not their teacher might mean something. (Or not.)

I did my best to share my knowledge. I found a lot of their art very exciting.

A little sad that so many more entries have gone over to the photography side—everybody has a camera on their phone you see. At least they are trying to be good at it. That’s a plus. And they are seeing the world artistically. That’s a good thing.

See you at the fair!