It Only Took A Year

A year ago I went on a trip to Chicago with friends to see the John Singer Sargent show at the Art Institute of Chicago, and while we were there we went to the 2-story Dick Blick art supply store (2 STORIES!!). Very exciting considering the lack of art supply stores locally.

After stocking up on my favorite supplies and heading for the check out, some wood panels caught my eye. How interesting…

Now I know I could’ve just applied a coat of white gesso to prepare the surface for oil painting and had a nice solid ground to paint on, but the wood grain—subtle as it was—intrigued me. Now the question was—how could I incorporate this in my art?

I would take them off the shelf of my studio occasionally and ponder that question. 

A YEAR LATER I had an idea. I bought some clear gesso and prepared the panels. I decided on a simple still life with the wood as my background. I chose a white subject and so a limited number of colors. The first was eggshells and an egg. I liked it and did the second with white mushrooms. Yep. I’ve bought more panels and am looking for more white subjects.

You Have to Break a Few Eggs
Omelette Potential

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