Who Doesn’t Love Their Dog Raise Your Hand

I thought so. If you have a dog you love him or her to death. He’s a good boy; she’s a good girl. (So don’t ask them that anymore; just tell them already!)

My last post, the dog portrait, got a lot of attention AND a commission to paint another dog portrait, Lucy. What a beauty she is.

I love to paint; it is a joy. It’s like when you “throw the ball for the dog” kind of joy.

Painting a commissioned piece is a bit more stressful I find. It’s more like “sitting there with the biscuit on your nose waiting to be told, ‘Ok'”, kind of fine line between pain and pleasure.

So in the end I do my best see what happens.

Here is “Lucy”.

“Lucy” 8×10″ oil on canvas

Dog Lovers

When I graduated from university I moved to Texas to get away from the cold Michigan winters. After 3 years I moved to California to get away from the hot Texas summers. 23 years later due to emotional circumstances, some insanity I’m sure, and love of family, I moved back to Michigan. I’m lucky. I work at home and don’t have to commute in the snow and cold in the winter.

When I look out my studio window to see what’s going on in the neighborhood I see the dog lovers, dedicated to walking their dogs every day, no matter how cold. The pet guardians are all bundled up, trudging along. Smaller dogs get the benefit of a sweater or coat. One is a runner with a dog that looks happy to be running too. Until the necessary stop comes. I don’t know what they can smell in the snow.

But it’ll be in the 50s this week and the snow is starting to melt. Spring is 10 days away and is oh so anticipated and appreciated in Michigan.

This painting, “Dog Walker” is available, 6×6″ acrylic on panel. If you would like to purchase this painting, please send your bid by email. Starting at $75.00.SOLD


painting of dog walker
Dog Walker