I Don’t Do Still Lifes…But What If I Did?

Sometimes art shows have themes. When “Still Lifes” came up I said, “I don’t do still lifes, I’m a landscape painter.”

But what if I did? Surely not a bowl of fruit. But maybe á la Andy Warhol I could paint a can of soup, I’ve got that in the cupboard. And some crackers. And so “Vertical Lunch” was created and a whole new subject matter for me to paint. I put it on Facebook to show my friends and it sold the next day. Holy moly!

Then came breakfast, dinner, and desert. I’m liking the still life.

Keep going with snacks and beverages. (See them all at http://www.andreajeris.com)

Now I just think I want to paint a bowl of fruit! Ha!

Acrylic painting of tangerines in a red bowl
Tangerine and Red

These tangerines are just so orange and this red glass bowl is, well, just so red. Sure, why not?

” Tangerine and Red” is available, 6×6″ acrylic on hardboard panel unframed. If you would like to purchase this painting, please send your bid by email. Starting at $50.00. SOLD