A Day at the DIA

Took a day to recharge my artistic batteries. Spent time with 3 artist friends at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Just approaching the magnificent building you could feel the energy rising in the car.

Visiting Vincent Van Gogh
Visiting Vincent Van Gogh

Wandering the great halls, soaking in the art of the centuries, discussing our perspectives, listening to the secrets of the great masters…sigh. Interesting how those early sketches of Degas and Renoir wouldn’t win any prizes, but are important now to look back before they were great. [Note to self: save the early work to show my history.]

Kresge Court at the DIA
Kresge Court

A little nourishment in the awesome Kresge Court and we’re off for another round. Some lively opinions on contemporary art. It took me 6 semesters of art history at university to “get it”. That 30×60′ purple canvas with the thin white stripe in the middle (that anybody could do, but didn’t) is meant to impact you as you come around the corner and view it for the 3 seconds you see it—and then move on. Creating that is not something you learn in art school. But it has its place in art history.

Looking forward to the Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo show coming in March through July. And so it goes.

Me in Rivera Court
Me in Rivera Court

4 thoughts on “A Day at the DIA

  1. Ah, nostalgia! I used to go there a lot. I always looked at the Diego Rivera murals at the beginning, never missed the impressionists & post impressionists, saw the Henry David Moore sculpture and so many favorites. Now I enjoy the Art Institute of Chicago.

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  2. Thank you for the reminder about the upcoming show! I really want to NOT take this place for granted anymore. Every time I visit, I feel like you described: it’s subliminal. Did you visit your alma mater, too?

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